Nika Bernaus

Nika is the name by which Mónica Bernaus, an expert in Transpersonal Coach, is publicly known.
Conscious Nutrition and Sports Training. Entrepreneur by nature, Nika is passionate about personal growth, nutrition, sports, and the human mind and its processes of change.

Nika Bernaus's mission is to help you discover a new lifestyle based on
self-knowledge through emotional management, nutrition and physical exercise.

Nika Bernaus career

“I have spent my whole life dedicated to sports. For approximately 6 years I was training and working in the world of skiing in winter, and horse riding in summer. Suddenly I decided to turn my life around and finish my professional sports training to start university in Criminology. Do not
I knew very well why I was taking this path. I only knew that I was passionate about investigation and criminal psychology.
My studies had separated me a bit from my sports life, so I joined a gym and started a preparing to compete in fitness. In just a year and a half of preparation, I was proclaimed champion of two regional titles, runner-up in another two, and a regional title (Championship of Catalonia), and that same year, in Cartagena (Murcia), I was proclaimed Spanish champion in the fitness bikini category.

As I was always very ambitious, that same year I went straight to the Moscow Amateur Olympia. An international championship of great renown and with a high level. I made a very hard preparation to get to an event of these characteristics in good condition so that, once there was an error in the organization of the event, the order of the categories changed without prior notice and left me and three other girls out. of the competition.

My effort and my sacrifice

All my effort and my sacrifice had vanished in just a few seconds, and although over time I understood why that had happened to me, at that moment I was not aware and I let myself go completely... All that situation made me obfuscate and dedicate myself to that sport in a not very healthy way.
I became obsessed and decided to dedicate myself entirely to competition. I spent a whole year traveling and competing. Sacrificing all my surroundings. My studies, my friends, my family and my entire economy revolved around that until suddenly one day, I realized that everything I was living was leading me to nothing. I was left alone and was not happy doing what I was doing. It was all from a forced place and I had taken a nosedive emotionally, so I dropped everything and went home.
It was then that over time I realized what had really happened to me... I had
completely carried away without knowing who he was or where he was going. I realized that during the last
years, I had been a slave to my mental and emotional situation, and to the fact that my EGO had played a very
trick. I had taken everything ahead and without thinking about anything or anyone, and everything in exchange for

Transpersonal Coach

It was at that turning point where I felt the need to make a 180o change in my life and
I started my path towards personal growth. I began to know myself as a person and to collapse
patterns and beliefs that had accompanied me throughout my life. I began to realize
importance of self-knowledge and I started my studies again, and resumed my professional path towards
sport and nutrition but this time, prioritizing and integrating the emotional part. I started working
as a personal trainer while immersing myself more and more in the world of management and intelligence
emotional. And so, one day I decided to train as a Transpersonal Coach, so I began to integrate and
to work in unity on emotional, physical and nutritional issues.
Throughout this journey, I have realized how these three pillars are fundamental to
achieve a balance as people, but also how they interact synergistically with each other,
and where if there is no balance in any of them, there is an imbalance in another.
It is for this very reason that today I am embarking on this platform in which, through these three pillars and
different professionals, we can inspire and guide you in a specialized way and as a team towards this
path of self-knowledge and personal transformation.”


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