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Conscious Nutrition

Nika Bernaus and her team combine their knowledge and experience to offer you advice
from conscious nutrition for your day to day. The well-known phrase 'we are what we eat' is real, that's why our
equipment helps you to know which foods are the ones that best adapt to your routine, to your daily habits.
Each person is an individual entity, we have our rhythms, even depending on the season of the year we
we opt for having more movement, or for labor reasons, we can have more sedentary months
in terms of physical activity. For all this, Nika Bernaus and her team study your particular case and
offer your own nutritional plan
so that, thanks to food, you feel in complete balance.

A good food routine to stay in harmony with your body

A good eating routine helps you stay in harmony with your body and, therefore, also
help you achieve your personal, professional and sporting goals. And there is food for everything, and the
combination of them can offer you that extra energy you need for your day to day, they can
help to achieve maximum concentration, others favor an optimal rest at night, and others
get you in shape to perform at full speed in your training, whatever sport you
In addition, by joining our Nika Bernaus community you will also learn in a simple way which
They are seasonal and local foods, returning to the origins and resuming habits
healthy food
that, at the same time, are respectful and sustainable with the ecosystem that gives us
shelter. A conscious nutrition

Nika Bernaus Conscious Nutrition

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