January 30, 2021
January 30, 2021 info@nikabernaus.com

It is the training system adapted to your body, your abilities and your goals.
The most personalized exercise plan you will find. First, let's talk about you:
What sports have you done so far? Have you trained physically in a concrete way?
ever? How committed are you to yourself? What is your goal with this

All these questions are basic for Nika Bernaus. We want you to train, we want you to
you get where you want to go. But what we most want is for you to enjoy and learn from
In addition to the goal, the important thing is the path. You will learn to become aware of
movement of your body, from its elasticity to its strength. To listen to their ailments, to
know how to treat them.
At NIK-MOVE the goal is to get to know your body, its language and range of motion. From
that awareness and knowledge is where you can best train to really
get what you want.
It's not just about counting repetitions and varying exercises, it's about each movement
do by becoming aware of it, with full attention to your muscles and tissues, within
your abilities, without forcing, but with effort and attention.
“Focus each of our intentions on what we are doing at the moment
Lower the brain to the body to listen to what it wants to communicate to us: a tug, some shoelaces,
some discomfort… it's the body's way of trying to tell us something.
Learn to find out and decipher that language to be able to take care of yourself, and from there be able to train you
properly and in a healthy way for you.
We want to share with you this great little body revolution, endorsed by all the
experience of our team, both at a professional sports level and in competition. They are
many years loving the sport and now we only wish that as many people as possible,
understand their real bodily potential.
Thank you for your interest in NIK-MOVE, you can find out everything about this service here.
We are in constant movement… Shall we start?

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