January 27, 2021
January 27, 2021 info@nikabernaus.com

for the team of Nika Bernaus Transpersonal Coaching is individual accompaniment
towards your own goals and objectives.
Basically it is a guide to get where you want to go, whether it is a feeling, such as: "I want
get along better with my mother” to a personal goal: “I don't feel fulfilled with my

What we like most about this service is your own evolution. Nika personally is one
in love with human processes, and loves to see your progress. progression in one
herself is sometimes difficult to recognize, and she would take on the role of spokesperson for your own
We work from love, respect and accompaniment. We don't demand, we don't push, no
we get frustrated We embrace the process as it is, without getting trapped in it, with the desire
to find the improvement and be the best version of ourselves.
We learn daily with each of our clients!
We come to break with what is established, to open your consciousness so that you realize and feel the
power you have over your own life, to wake you up, to help you live the life you've always
you dreamed
"Be careful what you dream, because dreams do come true"
This phrase broadly summarizes the ability to change our reality.
From within, by and with ourselves. Nika will be in charge of self-discovering you
where that lack, fear or anguish that you feel comes from, to heal it and be able to move forward as
you really are and want to be. No barriers, no pressure, no excuses.
You at the foot of the canyon ready to live to the fullest.
We do not intend to convince you, we just want to share with you what you are capable of doing,
For this reason, we show you the video of some real cases that, thanks to an accompaniment of
transpersonal coaching have achieved what they have successfully proposed. (VIDEO LINK
So that you feel that our objective is the same as yours, we invite you to a session
free 30-minute session, so that we can get to know each other and you can feel first-hand if this
type of accompaniment is for you.
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Do you think you can transform your reality? We know yes.

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