Coral Calcium


  • Coralsol patent
  • Marine Calcium with higher bioavailability

Container: 60 Capsules


Composition of Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium is a nutritional supplement made from natural ingredients that guarantee the highest quality and safety in its consumption.

Among them, Coralsol stands out, a compound that is obtained from the skeleton of the coral after its death, which is converted into powder to make a mixture with the exact amount for each dose that includes 34% of calcium and 1.5% of magnesium.

Bulking agents such as microcrystalline cellulose and calcium phosphate are also used, as well as anti-caking agents such as silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

As for its nutritional composition, calcium and magnesium stand out as main nutrients.

Calcium Supplement Uses

This food supplement is indicated for those people who need a extra supply of calcium addition to the diet, especially when it is necessary to cover greater demands due to wear and tear or high activity, being highly indicated for athletes and workers who want to guarantee good bone, nervous and muscular health, while preventing the appearance of problems such as osteoporosis and others fundamentally related to the nervous, muscular and bone systems.

It is also a necessary contribution to improve the body's recovery after exertion, helps maintain heart rate, improves hormone production and stimulates metabolism, helping to lose weight as long as it is combined with a balanced diet and with the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis.

Other important benefits are the improvement of blood coagulation as well as cell division, which allows a much faster recovery of tissues.

How to use

Every 2 Coral Calcium capsules contains 240 mg of calcium and 15 mg of magnesium as main components.

To ensure that the body is receiving the necessary amounts of calcium and magnesium throughout the day, two capsules should be taken daily, accompanying them with a glass of water.