February 1, 2021

At NIK-FEED we delve into your habits, customs and tastes to provide you with a
food that benefits you, in addition to enjoying it.
Yes, you read it right. Enjoy.
We want you to love your diet, your transformation process and… the whole team!
As mom says “A happy belly is a happy person”
Today we come to show you that it is so. We do not want to make you bitter, we are not going for that diet
impossible that will make you lose 10 kilos in 4 weeks. NO.

We want health, wellness and awareness. We want you to know your metabolism,
intolerances, allergies and cravings. We want you to have total power over your decisions,
starting with the food.
Through your objectives we will devise a suitable intake plan for you, we want to heal your
relationship with food, that you understand that it is a source of energy for our body and that
The key is to be aware of what is being done at all times.
It is no longer just about eating, but how we eat, when, how much, in what environment and under
What circumstances: Do you eat a quick tupperware on the subway between classes and work? Tea
you reheat something in the microphone by ingesting it in any way while you think about everything that
do you have left to do? How much do you really chew this food?
These little questions, and especially their answer, can change your concept of
feed forever.
At NIK-FEED, we have the knowledge of various techniques in order to become aware of the
moment in which we are, us and our body. Just like fasting.
Although it can be said that each case is a world and each person a universe, that is why
we want to exemplify very concretely the kind of diet that we develop, since they are
Totally personal and individual.
Adapted to all of you, because only you are as you are, and you need something designed
exclusively for you.
Let us meet you and we will see if Nika Bernaus is what you are looking for.
Take a look at the link and discover everything that NIK-FEED can do for your well-being.
Thank you for giving us your attention. See ya?

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